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Smart Connected Products

Use the Experts.........

Tangent has been at the forefront of Technology, Telcoms & Engineering for 40 years and has been instrumental in shaping the previous revolutions of technology. This experience has allowed us to lead the way in outsourcing for the Internet of Things &  Smart Connected Products across the globe as the technological convergence takes place.

"Cisco predicts that approx 220,000 new engineers will be needed globally every year for the next 10 years to keep up with the technological surge of the Internet of Things" (Cisco, 2013)

Through the meteoric rise of the internet, the global passion for connectivity and the need for business to go mobile we are now supplying specialists into markets and industries that did not even exist 5 years ago and will continue to shape the future for all of us.

"By 2015, big data demand will generate 1 million jobs in the Global 1000, but only a third will get filled due to a shortage of talent" (Forbes, 2013)

Our Smart Connected Products team continues to grow at a pace due to our experience staffing previous technology revolutions and our technical expertise within the convergence of Technology, Telecoms & Engineering creating the Internet of Things.

Focused on technology that enables monitoring, control, optimisation & autonomy of products both locally & in the cloud our areas of expertise include
  • Cloud Computing
  • TV, Broadcast & Media
  • Cyber Security
  • Enterprise Software

For more information on how our Smart Connected Products team can connect you to the talent you need call us on +44 1277 635 800