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What matters when relocating to Dubai

Tangent Independent Survey
Any current study of social demographics will highlight how skilled labour is now more mobile than at any time in history. This increased mobility has come about as a direct result of improved international transport and communication links. In the modern age we are able to ‘broadcast’ a vacancy internationally in a matter of minutes, and once a candidate has been selected, relocate them with relative ease.

The true cost of losing talent

Our recent study on the strategies utilised in order to attract the top talent across Europe raised a further question that our customers have asked us to investigate. 75% of all major HR professionals recently commented in a CIPD survey that once they had attracted talent they struggled to keep it in their organisation. The cost of losing talent isn’t just the fee you pay for locating a replacement. Employers do not always realise the hidden costs behind losing talent.

How to attract the top talent

It is becoming increasingly hard to attract the very best talent across all sectors and industries around the world, but particularly within IT, Telecommunications, HR & Finance. In a recent CIPD survey of all major HR professionals 82% reported difficulties in filling vacancies across all sectors.