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Client Services

At Tangent we are determined to be our clients most valued staffing partner and purveyors of best in class client service.

As you will see from the side menu we offer the full suite of recruitment and managed services and we offer these across the globe.

We believe that skilled and motivated 'talent' is the key ingredient in any bussinesses success and we have the ability to scour the planet to search and select the very best on offer.

We are dedicated, task orientated, and friendly and we want to succeed where others have failed.

We treat each recruiting project as bespoke and will work tirelessly to find the right individual or team. We work on projects ranging from a single key hire to multinational deployments of project staff and we have the recruiting capability to do this 24/7/365.

Compliance and Logistics

An overview of our contractor support and compliance team in the words of its Head, Lauren Peckham  

When working in the Compliance and Logistics team of Tangent International, no two days are ever the same. Ensuring that every single one of our contractors worldwide feel looked after and heard, to finding visa solutions for some of the most remote countries across the globe, is all in a days work. The team here at Tangent are dedicated to being at the end of the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, should any of our contractors need support, and with our spread across time zones, there is always someone on hand to complete requests should the need arise.

Our job starts from the moment that a consultant is put forward for a job opening. We ensure that the Account Managers here at Tangent are fully aware of what we would need from a consultant to ensure that they work compliantly in each specific country, and what requirements need to be met for each client that we support. It then comes as no surprise to our consultants when we place them in that position. By working closely with all of our Account Managers, we also get an insight in to what projects are upcoming and are able to develop visa solutions, compliance and payroll processes, so that when our assistance is needed, we already have solutions in place. This helps our account managers support our clients quickly and efficiently.

The team here at Tangent sets in to full swing when a consultant is placed with one of our clients. Our consultants receive not only a dedicated Account Manager that they have been dealing with from the beginning of the process, but they also then receive a dedicated point of contact within the Logistics and Compliance team, that is their point of contact throughout their whole assignment.  That dedicated point of contact within the Logistics and Compliance team is then responsible for creating their contracts and sending these out, along with any other information that is needed to get the consultant on-boarded as quickly and stress-free as possible. They will happily talk through the contracts and answer any questions each consultant may have specific to their contract.

Once a consultant has signed their contract, we are then responsible for ensuring that each candidate receives a Welcome Pack specific to their assignment as a point of reference, and is fully aware of all of our processes here at Tangent. Compliance is a key factor that we take very seriously, so we also need to ensure that all of the specific requirements for each client is met. That could be anything from consultant background checks, client Non-Disclosure Agreements, arranging visa's or training courses and hiring equipment. We ensure that all of this is arranged, so that the consultant can sit back and know that it is being taken care of.

The team endeavours to ensure that each consultant arrives at their assignment in a timely manner with all of the information and contact details that they will need to settle in on their first day. That means that we are able to arrange flights, apartments, and transport in any area of the world should consultants need support. When a consultant starts their contract, we are then on hand to ensure that they feel looked after throughout their time with Tangent, and can support them should they need to leave for visa renewals. We take care of each contract extension and all paperwork that goes with it, so we really do maintain one point of contact throughout their whole assignment.

The Compliance and Logistics team here at Tangent take pride in dedicating all that we do to make our consultants assignments easier, so that they can focus on the job in hand and know that there is someone looking after them along the way.

Executive Search

Tangent's Executive Search team is a premier international search and selection organisation that supports multi-national customers worldwide. The very experienced Search and Principal Consultants carry out selection assignments on a retained basis for a select group of high profile customers.

Tangent Executive Search team offers an unrivalled wealth of expertise across the Telecommunications, ICT, Construction and Design and Legal Sectors and a discreet and bespoke service that cannot be bettered.

Each assignment is tailored specifically and privacy is actually guaranteed. Our ability to research for candidates from any country on earth means that no stone is left unturned to find the perfect match. We will meet with serious customers anywhere on the planet to design a search package and will take a great deal of time and care to ensure that the most appropriate campaign is the result.

We have a 100% record in repeat assignments and a 99.7% success ratio.

Permanent Recruitment

Tangent's permanent recruitment division are a cutting edge recruiting organisation. They combine a wealth of experience with the energy and enthusiasm to meet the challenges of the 21st century head-on. They support customers world-wide using a dynamic and constantly developing methodology. They understand that 'people' will be the new currency and attitude will outweigh aptitude as a hiring pre-requisite. They are intent on identifying less tangible candidate qualities such as flexibility and adaptability, as well as traditional indicators like qualifications and experience.

They can carry out selection assignments on a retained basis, or provide fast and effective contingent services wherever required - anywhere in the world. Tangent permanent recruitment consultants offer extensive recruitment expertise across a number of sectors including: Telecommunications, ICT, Construction and Design and Legal.

These consultants have a wealth of recruiting experience and a superior understanding of the markets in which as clients operate. Tangent’s success comes from our ability to provide a bespoke approach to permanent recruitment, and from their ability to provide innovative solutions that always manage to reflect the commercial and interpersonal imperatives of our clients.

Contract Consulting

Give us a level playing field and we will beat the competition.

Tangent’s Contract Credentials (and more importantly what do we offer our customers that might be of value to them).
  • We have delivered contract consultants to over 175 Countries. We have worked in over 50 countries with a single customer and we believe the ability to move experienced contractors between markets is vital in ensuring that skills are not lost.
  • We have a Contract Labour Pool that consists of candidates from every country on earth. We have spent over 15 years actively developing this international capability in order that our customers can call on the widest available choice of candidates.
  • We work on single or multiple vacancies, and augmentation projects in excess of 100 contractors. We have placed over 20,000 contractors with customers and we see our role as one of supporting our multi-national client base, however large or small their requirement may be.
  • We have a local, regional, and international staffing capability. We are determined to offer the widest range of choice to our customers and prefer to operate a concentric ring approach to staffing - local first.
  • In our chosen fields we are determined to be the best contract candidate sourcing company in the world. We believe that we offer our customers one of the fastest and most efficient resourcing capabilities anywhere.
  • In our chosen fields we believe we have the best and most experienced Account management teams in the world. We intend that our Account Managers offer dedicated and knowledgeable support to our customers at all times.
  • In our chosen fields we have the best and the most experienced Account Support teams in the world. We have a dedicated, experienced logistics and delivery team who are expert at moving contractors across continents, and it is our intention that every candidate our customer selects arrives on the agreed date.
  • We have a passion for contract recruiting that is almost impossible to emulate. We apply this to everything we do. We believe that our customers identify with this energy. Contracting is in our DNA and we are determined to drive complacency out of our business.