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Contract Consulting

Give us a level playing field and we will beat the competition.

Tangent’s Contract Credentials (and more importantly what do we offer our candidates that might be of value to them).
  • We have found work for our contract consultants in over 175 countries. We have worked in over 50 countries with a single customer and we believe the we offer more varied work in more countries than perhaps all of our competitors.
  • We have developed a labour pool that consists of candidates from every country on earth. We have spent over 15 years actively developing this international capability in order that our customers will constantly return to Tangent to offer the latest work for our valued candidate base.
  • We always have a number of opportunities as we work on single and multiple vacancies, and augmentation projects in excess of 100 contractors. We have found work for over 20,000 contractors and with our extensive customer base and we see our role as one of providing multiple opportunities.
  • We have a local, regional, and international staffing capability. We are determined to offer the widest range of choice to our candidates and are adept at moving staff internationally.
  • In our chosen fields we are determined to be the best contract candidate sourcing company in the world. We believe that we offer our candidates one of the fastest and most efficient vacancy search.
  • In our chosen fields we believe we have the best and most experienced Account Management teams in the world. We intend that our Account Managers offer dedicated and knowledgeable support to our contractors at all times.
  • In our chosen fields we have the best and the most experienced Account Support teams in the world. We have a dedicated, experienced logistics and delivery team who are expert at moving our contractors across continents, and it is our intention that every candidate is fully supported whatever the location.
  • We have a passion for contract recruiting that is almost impossible to emulate. We apply this to everything we do. We believe that our contractors identify with this energy. Contracting is in our DNA and we are determined to drive complacency out of our business.
  • April 2012 - The outstanding level of support we provide to our candidates has been recognised in a peer group comparison with Tangent presented the 2012 Recruiter Award for 'Best Candidate Care'.